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For Media Coverage + Policy Change, Social Media Amplification Counts

For Media Coverage + Policy Change, Social Media Amplification Counts
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As likely everyone reading this newsletter knows, this week was #ClimateWeekNYC.  I've been (virtually) following it through my climate influence lens. One point meteorologist Ginger Zee made in a September 19th discussion with Covering Climate Now's Mark Hertsgaard really resonated with my work: the fact that, even though we may all have an extreme hate/love relationship with it, social media sharing really matters in nudging forward (more and better) the media's climate coverage.

What else can we do better? I've kept a LinkedIn journal all week to note where there was wasted opportunity (lots) to build and use climate influence during this key annual event. Feel free to share it broadly with your communications, executive positioning and development teams (lots of free quick tips in there that I use when I work with clients).

Finally - the big announcement about my Living Change: A Quest for Climate Leadership podcast, and some other notes.  Read on...

Help A Reporter Out (and Tweet)

This should be no surprise, so I'm sharing it for emphasis: According to Ginger Zee, it really, really helps for news outlets and editors to see the data for reporters/writers on stories that are #CoveringClimate. We, the reader/watcher, have some power here. We can nudge publications and media broadly to cover these stories more often and in more ways.  So, for climate influence purposes, realize that it really IS worth your time to shout about, link to and thank the reporter.

As well, I've talked with the communications teams on Capitol Hill a bit this last year (about things like #eBike bills and food policy efforts, of course) and it's the same.  Again, not surprising! But ... think about how easy it can be for you to add to the numbers that members of congress are seeing in real-time to support their various climate-acting efforts? So, if the phone calling and emailing actions are still an obstacle to using your own climate influence, how about taking the time to tweet a link, tag a congressperson and publicly thank them, using whatever bill number, so they really see what you are cheering on?

To be clear: writing Op-Eds (see The OpEd Project workshops if you are ready to really dive in) and even letters to the editor are the gold. I'm still nudging you - and myself - to make that effort a couple of times a year for the actions dearest to your heart. BUT, what about building your own Twitter engagement in advance, so you have even more influence to activate when it matters?  (I emphasize Twitter, as it remains the best B2B or P2P way I've seen to build community with, and be seen by, your lawmakers/their staff and your favorite climate journalists. )

Living Change, The Podcast, Is Officially In Production

Larj Media and I are super pumped to announce that we're moving forward with Living Change: A Quest for Climate Leadership, wherein I interview not-the-usual "climate leaders" for their more compelling "surprising validator" stories. I'm not looking for NGO leaders or similar, here. I am looking for those political, cultural or corporate folks who may seem to do nothing directly climate related, but their personal values shifted along the way toward climate action, and you now see that in their work and via their social platforms. It may be quieter influence, but I'm here to argue it can be just as, if not more, effective. Stay tuned.


See You At GreenBiz VERGE 2022: I'll be moderating the Greener by Default: How to Halve Your Kitchen’s Scope 3 Emissions panel and  hosting a roundtable conversation on climate influence. Of course, I hope to attend any of the Transportation events that might highlight light electric vehicle opportunities, like eCargoBikes and trailers for first/last delivery or what is called "cyclelogistics". (It's the commercial focus of my #Bikes4Climate work.) I'll also be looking for potential Living Change interviewees among the corporate sustainability leaders who eat a #plantbased diet or are #vegan, or who ride a bike or eBike for local transportation, and are ready to be more public about it. I want to out you, as your story = climate influence.

Listening Tour To Shape Event Impact Partnerships: I'm partnering with an incredible social impact agency to do a listening tour around creating better, more strategic and productive climate and social impact leadership events (of the 250 attendee or less variety). We're interested in the types of #RFPs organizations or companies are putting out there and where they have not yet found the secret sauce of combined energy, engaging speakers and curated networking for their causes. Like: Which audiences do you struggle to engage? What is your dream media coverage and how do you go about getting it? Are you happy with the buzz you get around your speaker panels? Do you get your ideal advance promotion and during-event social sharing? In the next month or so, I'll be sending out a survey to get us started (let me know if you want me to add your email to that list). From there, for those who are interested in providing more feedback to help our research, I'll schedule 30 minute Zoom conversations. All towards making sure there is less wasted effort around important convenings in these next, very few, critical years.

AndreaIsLivingChange Is My New TikTok Account: I'll focus on identifying and amplifying leaders who are (wait for it)... living change in their personal lifestyles and then reflecting that in their business and policy decisions. I've long-since already pointed to folks like NYC Mayor Eric Adams (his #plantbased food policy influence!) and Boston's Mayor Wu (her long-time bike/eBike riding for personal transportation practice!), but this is where I can cheer ON the many more smaller town mayors, city councillors, and hopefully (if I can find them) CEOs and cultural/media influencers too.